Thursday, 12 June 2008

POST 100!


I was saving this post, you know . . for like, an appropriate contest or something. But I lack the brains to make up a cool contest or something. Oh well, whatever.

So welcome to my 100th post. :D

The garden is doing wonderfully. No photos because I haven't taken any, but the peonies are out in full bloom (the ones that decided to bloom this year) the clematis has a tonne of buds, the annuals have taken nicely -- all thanks to Mr. Wonderful, who is in charge of the gardens this year.

Sprout is also doing wonderfully. Lots of wiggles and shoving - usually painful, especially that grindy little head, but things are progressing. The Dr. says we will likely go rather close to the due date - not the news I was hoping for, but there it is. Yesterday, Mr. Wonderful's place of work gifted him with a baby shower - and LORDY did they ever give us a lot of stuff! His co-workers must have pooled $300-$400 for that gift - I guess they really like him! I feel fully prepared materials wise for Sprout's arrival now!
Today, my team at work gave us a rather sweet little gift as well. Awww!
I will say that edema sucks balls. I will be happy to have my own feet, ankles, legs and hands back.

Knitting has been going on. Not so easy now that my hands are remarkably swollen, but it's been happening.
I finished the seed st jacket.I'm still 100% in love with the colour, and the pooling and everything. Check out those sweet buttons!And I got buttons for some other sweaters - some of which are even sewn on already!

I cast on for a gorgeous sweater - twice, actually. I'll show you when it's more . . . done.


Summertime said...

Oh no, edema DOES suck! Sorry you are feeling puffy, it will all be over soon, and you will have a sweet little baby to hold!! Love the jacket!

Batty said...

My sister is a physical therapist and she does some kind of massage/exercise treatment to make edema go away... I don't think it's pleasant, but people are happy afterwards.

Anyhow, your knitting looks great, and happy 100th post!