Monday, 23 June 2008

Sweatery goodness

February Lady Sweater!

This was a 'put down everything, pay attention only to me' sweater. And I absolutely love it thus far -- even though it may be a little early to call. It's only been finished for like, 2 hours . . . and it still needs buttons.
Start to finish, this sweater took 2 weeks. I saw it on Ravelry 2 weeks ago, queued it, dreamed about it, envisioned wearing it, and bought yarn for it the very next day. I wanted to make it in Cotton Fleece, but I can't find a store that carries it in the area. Instead, I settled for Cotton Ease - at first it felt disappointing, but given that there's a baby in my very near future, perhaps a sweater I can machine wash and dry without a second thought is a good idea.
I cast on for the sweater at the latest guild meeting, made it most of the way through the yoke, and then found out there was errata the next day. Sigh. Frogged what I had done, and started over. I'm glad I did, because the sizes had changed. Initially I cast on for the Large, then frogged, and went with Medium. Really, I think I should have gone for Small. It's only slightly too big though, and who knows, maybe the cotton will shrink.

Now I need to focus on mom's birthday sweater for a while.

Garden news:
Well, the peonies came and went this year in under a week, so I totally missed them. But, Look what I have now!Beautiful, isn't it?


Summertime said...

Oh my gosh, I totally have this sweater in my queue!! I just have to figure out what yarn to use. And I should probably finish my other sweater(s) first. :) LOVE yours!!

jennyp said...

Hey - I still can't see the bottom of your lawnchair! Perhaps because it's not included in the picture...
Sweater looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see what buttons you pick for it.

Disco said...

The sweater is beautiful, as is the rose. Well done on your fabulous creations....