Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Happy Due Date!

Well, Sprout's due today - but she's not coming today. Although, at today's prenatal appointment, the word 'imminent' did cross the OB's lips. We had our lovely bonding moment, over my 'internal check' and then he told me that should my water break, I am to head straight to the hospital. Sounds hopeful, no? He had me make an appointment for next week, but I'm told it's not really likely I'll make it to that appointment. I'm trying not to count on it, so as to avoid disappointment.

Since Juno Regina is done, and since I seem to be on a bit of a lace kick, I cast something on yesterday with this:

Oh my God, it's so delicious! I love the feel of this yarn! And the colour is phenomenal!

If I had another month of at home time before Sprout turns up, I'm sure I could clear my lace knitting queue - it's what I want to knit on right now!

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Batty said...

Happy Due Date!

Come out, Sprout, your mommy wants to meet you!