Friday, 28 March 2008

Agonizing Dilemma

Okay, not really . . . but I don't know what to do!
In my Ravelry queue there are a number of currently tempting things - 3 baby sweaters, begging to be knit, 5 grown up sweaters/tops I would LOVE to knit, a handful of undeniably cute miscellaneous items, and 4 super gorgeous lace pieces -- all of these things demand to be cast on immediately. Why is that? Because! The (dreaded) chocolate jacket is just about done! Yesiree! I'm down to the last 11 cm of doomy st st. Now, 6 rows make 2.5 cm -- that's about 27 rows left to go . . in total. Duuuuuddddde. It's draining, it's boring, but I'm so almost done! The fronts are both blocked and ready for assembly, so really, I could have this accursed thing done and wearable by Sunday. A week ahead of schedule. Cool, no? I thought I was setting a truly ambitious deadline, saying a week from tomorrow.

But I digress, back to the issue at hand. What to knit next?
The case for Baby stuff: it's quick - usually.
The case for grownup stuff: Sometimes quick, one thing is meant to be a gift . . . needs to be done, but not until October.
The case for lace: So pretty! So tempting!
The case against baby stuff: . . . uhhh . . . . Oh, I know, it's hard to pick which one to do!
The case against grown up stuff: None of it will fit until post baby anyway. What's the rush?
The case against lace: Can't take it places, can't work on it mindlessly, and I already have 2 lace projects wallowing in WIP land.

So I've narrowed it down.
A) Cardigan for Merry - pattern is sized 12-18 months, will have to procure yarn (darn!) UPDATE ** Got the yarn!
B) Provence Cardi - Sized 6-9 months. Have yarn . . . maybe not enough, but I have it. UPDATE ** Eliminated. Definitely don't have enough yarn.
C) Grown up Eyelet Chemise - short and opens in the front, so it will fit during pregnancy. Yummy Linen on deck for this one. UPDATE ** Swatched. Just need to fish it out of the dryer.
D) Tailored Scallops - Birthday gift for mom, doesn't have to be finished until October, but who knows where things will be once the baby arrives. Plus, I'm stoked about the yarn - Needful, Arte and I LOVE the colour.
E) Juno Regina Stole - Yep, it's lace . . but it would make a super mom's day gift for one of the moms, wouldn't you say? Looks fairly straight forward too.

These are the patterns I'm agonizing over right now. I love them all. I want to cast them all on! Help me decide!

UPDATE ** Since I couldn't decide, I cast on another Offset Wraplan -- Don't come crying to me if you choose to give this one a shot . . it's in need of corrections. Now I have the yarn for Merry, I'll cast on the easy st st bits and work them at my desk at work. Once I get the Chocolate Jacket (dreaded as ever) finished, I'll cast on for Mom's birthday sweater. Best to get it out of the way I think. The Eyelet Chemise still calls to me . . . hopefully the other things won't take long.

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