Thursday, 26 July 2007

Another post sans photos . . .

This week has been a real kick in the ass.

Starting with Sunday: wherein an oil change is needed.
We went to Canadian Tire, we bought $50 worth of stuff to get my oil changed. Sunday evening, we settled in to DO the oil change.
It's discovered that the oil plug gasket is ripped. We need a new one, or the oil will leak everywhere. Per Murphy's law, it is past business hours -- drama ensues. Mr. Wonderful seems to have what I can only describe as the common male reaction - yell. I know that there is sweet fuck all we can do until Monday morning, but in I go, on his instructions, to start calling every auto parts place in the phone book. Wal-mart is still open. A 45 minute drive later, we are no further ahead. Aggravating.

Monday morning:
Mr. Wonderful gets up early to go the parts store in town and finish my oil change. He is going to make himself late for work but his employer is much more flexible than mine. I am still sleeping, all cozy in bed.
Suddenly I'm being paged at the top of Mr. Wonderful's lungs. It's 8am. A 4L bottle of motor oil has been upset in the driveway, and we need to mop it up NOW. He sends me in his car for more oil, and something to suck up the spill with. I go to the wrong place. More drama ensues. I go to the right place. Mr. Wonderful is 2 hours late for work, but the oil change is finally completed. We're still trying to get the oil out of the driveway.

I lose the pattern for the sweater I'm making - Jane. I've never seen this pattern for purchase without the full kit. Groan.

Mr. Wonderful's car goes into the shop for some brake work. $828 later it comes out.
While I sit at my sewing machine, making a lovely dress, I hear a squeal of tires, and then the impact of two cars. There was an accident right outside our house. No, it didn't involve me or any of our stuff - but drama, nonetheless.

I'm a little worried for the rest of the week. I mean, yesterday was the staff BBQ I planned at work, and it was also my day off. I wonder what horrendous things happened? And then what more is coming my way?


Batty said...

Maybe if you explain to whoever it is that makes the kit that you lost the pattern, they may be able to help you? The oil change story sucks, but to lose a pattern that's part of a kit...

I'm so sorry. Something good is bound to happen sometime soon.

Lynne said...

Bleargh. What a weekus horribilus. All things will be set to rights once we get our knitty coven back to full compliment. Only one more week of absenteeism to go.

Pecker up, hon.