Monday, 18 June 2007

Last week in knitting

Let's see . . . what did I do??

Well, I finished my first Montego Bay scarf, and bought some delightful Sea silk for round 2 -- which is about halfway done. The stitch pattern is ideal mindless at work knitting. The first one was done in Lace silk, in the straw colourway. The new one is the called for yarn, in Berry. The two scarves look very, very different.

The entrelac socks met a froggy end. I wasn't getting gauge and I was thoroughly hating the process. I have since cast on and knit a bit of a toe up sock - but I'm not sure I'm feeling this one either. I found some really inspiring sock patterns, but the book is a little too precious for me at this point.

I found some yarn I can definitely use to make Josephine, now I just have to purchase it and make it! That top is so pretty!

I finished the acrylic feathers and fans blanket, and gave it to my co-worker. So that's off the table now.

I decided I need to get over my lace block since I have a wee collection of lace weight yarns, and I really want them to be useful. I sat down this week and determined to tackle it. I knit up a little section of lily of the valley lace - and that was a pain in the butt, but it worked. And since I was sitting on the couch, watching TV with idle hands last night, I cast on and went for it with the Leda's dream scarf . . . and I have to say, it's going remarkably well, touch wood and all that. I'm 60-some rows into the lace pattern, and it's not giving me any problems. I've signed up for Mystery stole 3, so I really want to get this under my belt, so I can play along!

I'm into the bit of the year where I want to knit, but I don't know what. I'm afraid to put it down altogether, because . . what if I don't pick it up again? And if I'm not knitting, what do I do with my hands? I think lace is almost certainly the way to go. It's light, it's time consuming -- the only problem is that I have to concentrate so heavily. I think perhaps Josephine will make for reasonable 'in front of the TV' knitting.


Batty said...

Summer always gets me into that kind of mood too. I vote for lace as summer knitting because it's light, something you can wear when it's warm out, and the thin yarn is easy on the hands. Bad TV knitting, as you said, but very rewarding in other ways. You gotta love the way blocking really works magic on lace!

Rebel said...

Hey- where's your montego bay scarf? Also - I making a feather & fan shawl for my neice, and I'm using kitchen cotton... so don't feel bad about the acrylic. When you make something for a child, it needs to be washable! - zuma

Stickyfingers said...

Montego bay photo has been taken, but now taken off the camera just yet . . . sit tight, it's coming!

KnittingNutter said...

Lace, lace all the way - makes for great summer knitting.