Tuesday, 26 June 2007

. . . crap sakes!!

There were meant to be photos! There should be photos! But something always seems to interfere. This morning it was batteries. The batteries in the camera were dead, and needed to recharge. That takes time.
I have finished my two Montego bay scarves. I can show you one, partially finished. This is how much scarf I can knit up in one day.

Tomorrow I'll try to get pics of the two scarves, for comparison.

They're fabulous scarves!

Josephine is well under way as well. I'm loving the knit. It's FAST!

Interesting non-knitting news:

We have owls. That's right, owls.
Late last week, I was driving home from work, rounded the corner, and threw on the brakes so as not to run over the four owls sitting in the road. Sitting! In the road!!
Owls are cocky little birds. They don't move for the cars. The cars will go around them, and they know it.
Our owls are adorable. Unfortunately, they only come out at dusk, when it's just too dark to get photos. I suppose we could try the flash.

Here is Herr Owl, in the dark. It's shocking just how close I got to this owl. Fearless.

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Batty said...

Owls, how cute!

That's a lot of scarf in one day. I'm impressed.