Monday, 28 March 2011


Don't act like you're not shocked. I totally know you are!
Recently, Tottoppers put out a call for test knitters. She pays in patterns, and it just so happens that I really like a number of her patterns. PLUS, test knitting is one of those 'notch in my belt, I'm a REAL knitter now!' things for me. So I got myself added to her test pool. And then I instantly worried that I may have done something stupid ... I mean, a nursing infant, a toilet training kid, dolls on order, bags on order - when do I have the time?? Well, I'm glad I signed on! Check out these adorable knits!

First was Jimmy & Millie Monkey - a sock monkey hat. I made it up, and the whole family took turns wearing it. Thing is, it wasn't for any of us . . . it was for my SIL - who has a thing for sock monkeys. So I pried it out of Sweet Pea's mitts after promising her one of her own someday, and presented it to the lucky recipient.


The pattern was really simple, concise, neatly written. I was pretty concerned about all the finishing, but the thing about a knit like this - you really want to see it finished! You just know it's going to be beyond cute, and you HAVE to see it completed. FAST! Deadline aside, it's one of those things that goes quickly.

On the heels of that one, I received a second test knit opportunity, and this one I just couldn't pass up. A girl's spring cardigan, worked in a worsted weight. Short sleeved and bottom up raglan - tight deadline . . . just 10 days . . . but it would be perfect for Sweet Pea, who has been sorely neglected in the hand-knits department as of late.
So I took her to Shall We Knit? and I let her pick out her yarn. In a testament to just how neglected she has been, when we got home she asked me what I would be knitting for Boober in the yarn she picked out. Frankly, it gave me a bit of a sad. And a bit of a laugh. Because the yarn in question was lipstick pink.

Did she love it? Yes, she certainly did.


Every day she asked me if it was finished yet. When it finally WAS finished, I put it on her for photos - and she didn't take it off all day. We're talking about a little girl who picks out a sweater to wear every day, and then takes it off before breakfast.


She spent at least an hour buttoning and unbuttoning.


I don't blame her - the buttons totally rock.


At the end of the day, I was happy to have made her happy. And the sweater was wearing a fine coating of crumbs and chocolate. Ah, to be 2 years old again.

As for the pattern, it represented some firsts for me: first inset pockets, first bottom up seamless raglan. I was able to give some input for Kate, and felt all-around useful. Again, a quick knit, deadline aside, this time due to sheer knit-ability. With all that stockinette, you can just . . . go. And getting the sleeves and pocket inserts done first makes it a really straightforward process. I loved making it, and I likely will again. I know my girl is big, but I knit her a size 4 -- and it fits perfectly. I was hoping to get a spring, a fall, and maybe another spring out of it.

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Anonymous said...

Looking good!! I love the colour...and the buttons too of'll be fun to see what the lady suggests for another trial knit..enjoy!