Thursday, 10 March 2011

I can't believe I haven't learned . . .

The importance of swatching. SERIOUSLY!!i

Today I was just about to pick up my knitting and go to it. But something . . . just didn't make sense. It was just off. Too long and skinny. And I still had 3 inches to go on the body. And . . . what?? So I got out the measuring tape, and my gauge was way, WAY off. I was missing 6 inches of width. SIX INCHES!! In fact, this sweater is supposed to fit a 1 year old -- check this out:


Boober is 3 months old today. So . . . I frogged it.


Straight from the sweater to the winder. It was actually a pretty good way to approach things. Minimal fuss.

Now Boober's sweater looks like this:


And I'm kind of fine with that. I started this sweater before I got to know Boober. Now I know he HATES having anything pulled over his head. Lots of babies dislike having clothing pulled over their heads, but Boober will lose his bananas when I pull things over his head. And the following shoving of arms into sleeves?? The world is ending. Ending!!
So I'm going to re-do the sweater, but in cardigan format. It's not all bad news.

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Anonymous said...

All is well...when it's caught soon enough! Good to know Boober has problems with things that are over his head...Happy Three Months Baby Boy!~ now Mommy can find a new pattern and start all over again..but in pink? nah! kwgma