Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The road to hell . . .

Paved with good intentions? Absolutely. It's hard to find blogging time with 2 wee ones. Boober just wants to . . . well . . . BOOB! All the time. Sweet Pea wants to sing, dance, read stories, and most exciting - Pee On The Toilet! All the time. Believe me, it's not that I don't want to ... I even upload the photos for posts. It's just finding time.


Not nap time. During nap time I should be:
  1. Cleaning
  2. Doing dishes
  3. Doing laundry
  4. Folding laundry
  5. Making dolls a bit at a time
  6. Knitting more adorable things for my beautiful babies
  7. Answering correspondence, paying bills and other assorted admin
  8. Planning excursions
  9. Packing the diaper bag for said excursions
  10. Connecting with friends for a minute or two
What am I actually doing at nap time?

  1. Napping
  2. Staring into space wishing I was napping
  3. Dealing with whichever child isn't napping
Lately it's a lot of #3. (I'm looking at you, Boober)

So what have I been mentally blogging?
Sweet Pea knitting


She calls them knitting noodles. And no, she can't actually knit, nor have I even tried to show her how. She just enjoys messing around with the stitches on the needle for the time being.

I found this in the garden last week:


Messed up, right? It's too early for tulips!

Boober is a three speed model:






And my favourite speed - giggling, smiling, being cute as hell.

Lately, he's as impressed with his sister as she is with him. He even smiles just at her. She made him cry for the first time this week. She was ever so repentant, and has been extremely careful around him since. He's been responding to her songs and stories, so she has a renewed interest in him as of late. I think the two of them are going to be really tight.

I have no photos of this, because . . . seriously. Sweet Pea has been toilet training since February 9th. I've been ready to call her fully trained a few times now - sadly, those are the days she has accidents. I have to say it was fully heart rending to hear this:
I have to pee! I have to pee! Oh . . . I'm peeing . . . (looks down mournfully) . . . sorry pants.
She's doing really well. Just a few accidents here and there. We put her in training pants before we go out, so we're stacking the deck at least a little. The training pants are dry more often than not though.

I'd say I'm sorry for abandoning the blog, but I'm not. I'm spending time with my babies. I'm not sorry for doing that at all.


Lisa said...

Enjoy this time... you know exactly how fast it goes by!! And *OMG* is that last pic of Boober to DIE FOR!! SO ADORABLE! /shouting

Alrischa said...

My little chick does that, too. I use circular needles, and I often pick up my knitting to find she's poked the needle through 6 times, twisting the cable back each time. Or she'll "knit socks" with a fork, a plastic tube and a bit of material. lol.

Your little knitting chick is very cute, and your boy bub looks very happy!

Stickyfingers said...

Lisa: I was shocked to learn Boober will be 3 months next week. It really does speed by.
Alrischa: Sweet Pea has HER OWN knitting. She's not allowed to touch mine. Sometimes that even works!

Anonymous said...

OMW they are SO CUTE!!! I just love checking in here and finding new pics! That three speed baby of yours is just a doll and of course Sweet Pea will soon challenge your knitting ability! watch out Mom! the future is just around the corner. I can just imagine how heartbroken she was to have made him cry...you're right tho...they'll probably be "best buds" kwgma