Tuesday, 5 April 2011

We're still here!!

Just busy . . . well, living life!
Going for walks with our baby Boober.


Just hanging around in the dress I made her when she was still a fetus. Gotta love how lace stretches!!


I made and shipped a Cuddle Bean last week. I don't feel it was my finest work, but it was pretty fine.


I'm working on a 10" jointed Ballerina right now. Hopefully she'll be done by Thursday morning, so I can get her delivered. The ballerina is a favour to a co-worker of Mr. Wonderful's. She's going to be pretty cute, I think.

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Anonymous said...

How is the little fella being held up? with the "dark on dark" it's hard to determine but hey! that's a great magic trick!! The lacy is lovely!! great colour for her too! do you think you might hold onto the princess until Friday?? *hint hint* there might be someone who would enjoy seeing her unless of course you plan to take a picture and maybe that would do too. *smile* kwgma