Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I tried it . . .

And it's not bad!

Here is the play by play for y'all's edification.

First, I got out a great big mug, and the ingredients.

Put them all into the mug (looks gross, doesn't it?)

Mixed them all up

And then found something to do for the 3 minutes it was cooking.

And then something else to do while it cooled, of course.

Yarn Heart!

Then I pulled it out of the microwave and tried not to judge based on looks.

I'm glad I didn't because it was quite tasty! It will do nicely for those nights when a chocolate craving hits.
I will say that in my microwave, it could probably use an extra 10 seconds. I'll also say that you shouldn't let it cool too much or it gets a little chewy.


Alrischa said...

Ha... I'm doing that right now with a "single serve size" bowl of chocolate pudding. Seems to microwave well.

Doesn't your little girl have beautiful big eyes? And she seems to love the mirror as much as my Jasmine Ü

Anonymous said...

You mean you could make yummy chocolate cake and didn't!!!! Hmmmm next Friday I'll know better! I won't leave until you food me ;0)
Orrrr...I can try making one myself...let's see...chocolate, flour egg..YUP! it just might work!~

FnkyGreenMama said...

Mmm ... experiments in chocolate! Glad it turned out well :) You'll be happy to know that I've been able to have my own (modified) chocolate fix lately - all hypo-allergenic and everything!!!