Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Back when Sweet Pea was 6 months old, I decided I would take her swimming. Day after day, week after week, something would come up. Yesterday we made it as far as the pool before Sweet Pea fell asleep in her car seat. Every parent of a very young child knows that it's just pure folly to introduce something new (!) and exciting (?) to an over-tired tot. And so began the de-railing of yesterday's plans.
Today, however, I had one goal: take Sweet Pea swimming. And I Did! True, we arrived with only 25 minutes of family swim time left - but we made it!
What did Sweet Pea think? Well, she spent 3 miserable minutes pleading with her eyes to get out of the pool, 2 minutes pulling herself up and out of the water (using my hair and shoulder as grips) with varying degrees of urgency, 5 minutes of quiet watchfulness, 10 minutes floating around quite comfortably, and 5 minutes splashing around gleefully. Took her awhile to warm up to it, but seems I have a small duck on my hands. A small, clingy duck. To her credit, and my amazement, she didn't cry at all. Not even when she went under water during one very vigorous maneuver. There was much spluttering to be had, but no tears.
She even jumped in from the side several times. She watched a much bigger girl jumping in over and over for a bit - then she threw herself in at me. Fearless! So unlike her mom. I was terrified to jump in the pool when I was small.

A few posts ago, I shared my Owling mitts with you. Today I'll share an even lovelier project!
Lust! Lust! Lust! (Rav link)

These pics are not quite up to date - the first mitt is approaching 'done' at this point.

God, I wish I could say they're for me! I intend to make some for myself, but we'll see about that.
Pattern is Yummy Mummy available only via Ravelry - again, I'm sorry and I think it's exclusioary too.
The yarn is Cadenza, a super-wash Merino, Tussah silk blend -- and it's an absolute dream! I was sorely disappointed when I wound the skein into a ball -- I found a problem. I emailed the company with a comment on this quality concern expecting to hear a) nothing or b) thanks for the info in return, but their response fully surprised me. They're sending a replacement skein!! The noted flaw certainly does not render the yarn unusable. It's an inconvenience and a disappointment at worst, so I was very impressed with Estelle's service.
I was doubly impressed today when they followed up to inform me that I had provided an incorrect postal code, and to ask for the correct one. For a lot of companies, the wrong address would have been the end of the road.
So, colour me impressed! I highly recommend this yarn.

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Anonymous said...

A HAPPY DUCK!! That's wonderful and I am so excited that you made itto the pool on time. May this be just the start of much splashing about for the two of you together. Maybe she can teach YOU to get your face wet!! hahaha