Wednesday, 4 March 2009


So today I got into a chat with a fellow Raveler, regarding toys. Finishing technique, to be exact. It made me yearn for a quick toy to knit. So I did - I cast on this cute-ass Sheep. Sadly, it's only available through Ravelry (what the crap is up with that anyway?).
I had it cast on, knit up and finished in a matter of an hour or two. Did Sweet Pea like it? She could care less.
Here it is not quite assembled:

I have a recipient in mind for it, should my wee girl not warm up to it.

Also, today I finished the cat-eared baby hat -- only it's ear-less. Not every one appreciates a kitty cat.

So now I have three projects left on the go - but I don't feel like working any of them right now. I want to make more toys!


Alrischa said...

It's so nice to have something that you can cast aside or neglect in order to do something more fun... completely at your whim. Knitting is not like anything else in life Ü

Anonymous said...

Oh Darlin'....did you reaaly think we don't read THE blog? I love it and drop by often for a boo. I love it all...especially that monkey..she's GREAT