Tuesday, 22 July 2008

La Vie en Rose

Sure sometimes sleep is scarce, and yes sometimes the crying can really get to you . . . but I have to say - I'm very happy.

Sprout has traded in 'newborn gorgeous' for 'infant adorable'

I don't mind one bit. She's getting bigger and bigger every day.

And that makes me a little sad, because I know there are certain moments that are gone forever . . . already.
And just when I think she doesn't need to cuddle for comfort anymore, this happens:

And this one's just to make your ovaries squish!


Lorajean said...

I can't take it! So freakin' sweet. My baby was almost 10 lbs so I feel like I missed the tiny phase in a big way! He's two 1/2 months and seeing these pictures, I'm ready to do this again! SO CUTE!

pinkrosecottagelady said...

Its amazing how much she's changed already. I just read your post from the day she was born - wow quite a memorable event!
I remember having the same feelings when my first son was born (18 years ago) - it all seemed to go by so fast and I was acutely aware that as each day went by I would never get to experience it again. A little bit bitter-sweet I guess. You know, now that he is grown up I hardly ever think about his babyhood anymore - and being 6'3 I can't imagine that he was ever just over 6 lbs! But as sweet as babies are, so are children and teenagers, and grown-ups too. That is the beauty of motherhood - its forever, not just for babyhood. I'm sure as a fist time mom you are probably getting all sorts of advice; but my two cents is this: enjoy each moment with her and rejoice in the fact that she will be with you always :)