Sunday, 6 April 2008

Finished, and some other things.

So . . I finished the (dreaded) Chocolate Jacket -- think I neglected to mention it here, and I know I didn't post any photos. But it's DONE! I wore it yesterday for the Maple Syrup Festival - but it was really hot, and I wound up taking off pretty quickly.
I was really glad I went ahead and made the collar according to the pattern -- with some encouragement from a friend -- even though I was deadly sick of the thing and just wanted it off the needles!Why do pictures always look so terrible on blogger?
For now, it's being held shut with a shawl pin, until I can find the perfect buttons. It looks really great on - but sadly, I have no one to photograph it on for me.

Next up, Dangly is done too! Well, he needs some eyeballs, but that's quick and painless.

So now Cardigan for Merry is my full-time knitting. I do the simple stuff at work, and the complex stuff at home.

I just want to say, if you have a baby or a little one in your life, or coming up soon -- make this sweater! It's absolutely friggin' gorgeous!! The pattern takes some interpretation, I have found, but it has been so worth it thus far!

Now I only have one thing active and on the go -- it's a little strange for me. I can cast on mom's birthday sweater whenever I'm ready, but right now, I have some non-knitting I'm working on too:
Sprout's diaper bag!
I looked at the commercially available bags and thought 'for $50 - $200, I can do WAY better.' I love these fabrics and the way they all go together. In fact, the colours are my current inspiration for the nursery. I just have to get Mr. Wonderful on board.

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Batty said...

It's beautiful! I love the way it looks with the shawl pin. And it's so good to get something big off the needles! I know I can't wait to get done with the sweater I'm knitting.