Thursday, 3 April 2008


I'm positively aching to cast on something new! Now that I only have 2 WIPs that are in action (the lace I've decided to ignore) it just seems there's nothing to work on.

I want to cast on so badly, that today I went and bought the required needle for Tailored Scallops
and then I got home, and remembered that my Cardigan for Merry should be the only thing on the go, aside from Mr. Dangly, my seriously portable WIP.


I could finish Dangly in a matter of hours. More justly, an hour. But then what would I take to waiting rooms? What would I work on whilst visiting? And since he is out of the house knitting only, does that really count as a WIP? Is this worth agonizing over . . really?? Probably, I should just finish Dangly and be done with it. Then I could cast on something new. Maybe I'll do that. Really, he's kind of fiddly for waiting rooms anyway - and I have my stuffing here, not at the Dr's office . . .

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Batty said...

I hate that kind of dilemma. When something is almost done but you're afraid a wait/ride/whatever timed activity away from home is going to take longer than the thing is going to take to finish, and then you'll be stuck somewhere without your knitting. Start something new now and finish Dangly when you get home. I think that's what I would do.