Friday, 25 April 2008

So. Very. Tired.

Tonight, after work, I made a bee line for Babies R Us. It took a really long time, but I now have a little registry for baby stuff there! YAY! Now Sprout can maybe get stuff (s)he needs as gifts -- instead of all these clothes and things. Well, we'll need clothes for Sprout too . . . but there's a big ole tub o' hand-me-downs at MIL's house to cover that need.

Then I went bra shopping - always a good time. I bought my first nursing bra. Even though nursing may not work, even though I'm told my boobs will be MASSIVE when baby arrives, I bought a nursing bra. Why? Because. Because a few weeks after baby arrives, apparently my boobs will return to their current size. Now I'll be prepared. That, and it's a comfy bra.

THEN I went to Swiss Chalet and bought myself some dinner. The whole thing took three hours. In my pre-Sprout state, wouldn't have been a problem. In my current state, I'm wiped!

At least I feel that I was productive, so good on me!

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Batty said...

Get some rest! You did a lot of shopping.