Sunday, 30 October 2011

Rainy days and new toys

It's been raining . . . for . . . like . . . 3 weeks. Blech.
We've done so many couch forts, they've lost their shine.

In fact, they're so dull now that the kids have to find stuff to poke and bother on the bookshelves instead. Poor children!

But we DO have a new way to pass the time. Mr. Wonderful did a sweet, sweet thing, and bought me an amazing new camera. I used to shoot an SLR back in the day. I haven't shot an SLR in about 7 years. I'm amazed at just how much I've forgotten about aperture, exposure, ISO . . . it's just . . . buh. But the kids are giving me lots of practice. 



We've been doing an awful lot of baking around here lately. This is Boober and his pilfered cookie face. Isn't he a happy boy?? Yup, that chocolate chip cookie jumped the cooling rack and he was on it faster than I expected. By the time I finished with the cookie sheet, he had eaten half the cookie. Little stinker!
Sibling love! Sweet Pea is still so in love with her baby brother. Every time I try to loan him out to someone else she throws down and insists that we HAVE to keep him!! Big Cuddly HUG!!

This one cracks me up -- look how effective child locks can be when you neglect to do them up. And the little bugger is just so pleased with himself! Look mom! I found a new toy cupboard!

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