Friday, 28 October 2011


See, it's the same old problem . . . I loved knitting these socks. Absolutely I did . . . but they feel gnarly on my feet. :: Sad Face::


Just . . . too loose. Maybe a smaller needle? I had to use a 2.75mm on these. Sadly, my LYS is just out of 2.5mm needles, with a delay on their expected shipment. I thought a 2.75mm was the way to go, but . . . no. Maybe it's the lace? I don't know.


They look amazing. I'll likely still end up wearing them . . but . . meh.


I still plan on knitting another pair of socks - ribbed ones this time. I have some really beautiful locally produced yarn queued up. Looking forward to getting that all worked up. For now, I need to work on Making Friends and pulling together holiday orders.


Kaye said...

That sucks because they really are gorgeous!

jennyp said...

You know, my Mom hates patterned socks. HATES. THEM. She really, really doesn't like the way they feel on her feet. Mebbe it's something similar.

SWK? should get needles this week. I can let you know when they arrive :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! too bad they're a bummer....all that work should feel as good as it looks!