Friday, 7 October 2011

Going to the park: An exercise in WTFery.

This morning I took the kids to the park. It's a nice walk, followed by some great play time, followed by an uphill trudge back home.
Today, we were the only ones there. For a while.

Exhibit 1: Old people are fucking WEIRD.
A car pulls up. Parks - not in a parking spot, but across several parking spots. Whatever. There's no one else here, right? A gentleman in his late mid-life gets out of the car, and begins unloading the trunk. 2 lawn chairs. Some blankets. A sun umbrella. A pillow?
An older woman gets out of the car. Her hair looks just like every other older woman's hair. Seriously - why does every woman of a certain age have the same damned hair cut?? She is wearing a jacket that can only be described as an afront to fashion. She is wearing electric blue splash pants.
The couple makes their way across the park. The go around several trees, and finally set up UNDER one of them. Why is this weird? Because they then settle into their chair and lounger, wrap themselves in blankets, and just sit. And sit. And sit. Dudes, it was warm enough in the sun that I wished for a hair elastic. Old people, if you are cold, move forward 3 feet and sit in the freakin' sun!!

Exhibit 2: Other people's children are fucking WEIRD.
Sweet Pea was collecting pretty rocks. We found her a lovely sparkly one in the gravel under the jungle gym.
Another family arrives to play at the park. Sweet Pea accidentally knocks down her sparkly rock into the gravel, never to be seen again. A great gnashing of teeth commences. A little boy offers to help her find it. Aw, so sweet! They look for a while. No luck. The boy starts talking to me. Yes, the baby is mine. Yes, we're here to play today. No, we haven't had our lunch yet. Yes, those things on the bench are ours. Yes, they are. Excuse me, that bag is mine. WHAT ARE YOU DOING RIFLING THROUGH MY BAG? No, it's not appropriate to go through other people's things. I don't care that you weren't going to take anything - IT'S NOT YOURS. Believe it or not, you should never go through someone else's things.
And his mom? Didn't bat an eye. Didn't say a word. Didn't reprimand or berate or even shake her head.

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Anonymous said...

Of course she never scolded or stopped him....she was hopin' he'd bring home some good stuff!!! And hey!? what's this about old people are weird? and all the old ladies have the same hairdo? I was just about to book a chair at FCH and ask for MY poodle cut too! hmmmm maybe not eh?