Monday, 27 June 2011


For the last month, my every free moment has been monopolized. By dolls. Their hair. Their clothes. The little details that make them so charming.
But I am pleased to announce that the giveaway dolls are finally done, and the giveaway is live on my Making Friends blog.


Enter if you'd like. There are no restrictions, no strings attached.

Now I am free to knit again! I have made a bunch of a sock in the last 18 hours. A whole BUNCH of a sock!! Soon I will have my very own hand made socks, and I can wear them and feel happy.
I can maybe finally finish that which is on the needles.
I can knit the sample I owe Shall we Knit? That would be great.
I can sew project bags and finish aprons, finish up that quilt, and move on to new things.

In other news, Boober has learned how to sit by himself. Also, just last week he started crawling in a spastic, interrupted manner. It takes him a while to get going - but he's determined! No one but the family has seen him do it yet, but it's a brand-new skill. Soon he'll be doing it all the time. Then his grandparents will finally see and maybe even believe me that I'm not crazy!!

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