Friday, 17 June 2011

The cake is a lie.

There are a million things going on in my life right now. Seriously. At least a million.
Between kids and Making Friends and Carried Away and attempts at domesticity, I am stressed right out. This month is particularly rough due to the Making Friends giveaway - which is supposed to be ready for release next Tuesday. Honestly, it will take a freakin' miracle. Or some miraculous time management. I have one of the three dolls done. If I can get the others stuffed, I can cart them around to detail and put hair on and things throughout my weekend commitments, but god only knows.
The one doll I have done is cute as a button. I'm well pleased with her. She's still naked . . . but thems the breaks. The second doll is stuffed and mostly assembled, but still needs some serious work. The final doll has a head. Let's not speak of the final doll.

Anyway, what I'm getting at here is that there is an awful lot I could be blogging, but I don't have the time to sit and apply myself. Sad.
So let me tell you about last weekend. Last weekend I attended a baby shower. I believe I've expressed my feelings re: showers in the past, but to re-cap: hate 'em. Nothing worse than sitting in a room with a bunch of other women you don't know or want to know, listening to blather and small talk.
This shower was different. It was small and intimate. I know more than 1/2 the guests, and no one there made me want to slap them repeatedly. The games were minimal and in good fun - not rude or insulting to our expecting friend. Does any pregnant woman feel better about her size after seeing it in toilet paper?
I was most anticipating the reaction to the gift I made for this shower. See, the baby's daddy is a gamer. This man LOVES games of any sort. He and I have common ground in Portal. So when I was invited to the shower, I knew I wanted to do something around the running jokes in Portal - specifically 'the cake is a lie' and the weighted Companion Cube. I thought about making a pillow, but meh. After thinking about it for a short while, I came up with the perfect idea -- a mobile! I still had the frame from Sweet Pea's Care Bears mobile. This was the end result.


The cake was made by an Etsy seller - I lack the skill and patience for that. The cube was my creation though.
I hope baby B loves it!

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Zelia said...

that is such an awesome gift!!

and the baby's daddy wants to steal it for himself LOL! (I won't let him) ;)