Friday, 5 November 2010


6 weeks. Of work. Max. Because baby is due in 6.5 weeks.

(This is the part where I freak out and flail and go WTH? and perform a small piece of performance art I call 'where did the time go and WHAT is coming out of WHERE and do I HAVE to wait 6 more weeks?')

Know what this means? Means I'm getting nesty. And none too soon. 6 weeks to due date means 4 weeks to full-term, and we have an awful lot to do. Sort of. I have been somewhat nesty before, but I usually a) turn it on Sweet Pea and sort her entire wardrobe by colour and functionality - much to her confusion or b) sit and fret because I am too tired to get off my sizable pregnant ass and do something!! On the upside, Sweet Pea's wardrobe is fully sorted and quite functional! On the downside . . . she has to be moved out of the nursery and in to her big girl room. This means a closet re-do.

Since son-thingy is baby #2, most of the urgent stuff is already done. Lots of the stuff I'd like to do isn't so urgent.
Urgent stuff:
Create a nursery. Check. Now to get Sweet Pea out of it.
Buy itty bitty diapers. Check. Frequent squeeing over said itty bitty diapers is also paramount. They are less than half the size of Sweet Pea's diapers. Awww!
Obtain tiny clothes. Check. I won't have to buy a damn thing for son-thingy until he's in size 6 mos. I think. (Except more diapers. And maybe socks.)
Pack hospital bag. Too soon. I'm waiting at least 2 more weeks for this one. Provided I can ignore the urge long enough.
Pack home birth kit, in case of raging snowstorm, or labour on Christmas Eve. Still too soon. See Hospital bag.
Not so urgent stuff:
Clean all the things! Probably won't. I'm a wretched, horrible housekeeper, and a lazy pregnant woman.
Freeze lots of meals. I've frozen enough meals that we had to break in to a fresh box of Corning Ware. I don't think we'll starve. I've been doing a fair bit of baking too.
Create a birth plan. Meh. Didn't bother last time, probably won't this time either.
Knit some more stuff?

And of course, we must remember to load the Giftmas crap on the wagon too. Fun, fun, fun. Busy days.


Batty said...

You'll figure it all out. Relax. You can have people get any last-minute things while you're in the hospital if it turns out you forgot something.

Anonymous said...

I love it!! hahahaha...and the most important thing...relax, breathe deeply and ponder what a wonderful time you are going to have with this liitle person just as you have/had fun times with Sweet Pea...It's the knitting...THAT is your drug of choice...time for a big dose of needles clicking and yarn flying...enjoy! mommapea