Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Peeves: pet and otherwise. Warning: do not read if easily butthurt.

I think I'm going to have to avoid Facebook tomorrow. I'll explain why - Remembrance Day. Yup, it's important to remember the sacrifices of soldiers and civilians young and old. Yup, it's important to honour our past. Lest we forget? Don't make me laugh. We've clearly forgotten. Have a look at all the conflict and war in the world today. Lest we forget is about more than the graves of those who have lost their lives - it's about not repeating the mistakes and horrors of the past . . . and yet . . . Genocide? Check. Murder? Check. Inexcusable crimes? Check.

War? Lots of it? Check.

Makes me shake my head. Here are all these citizens wandering about with their token poppies, spouting off about their grandparents and their contributions to WW1 and WW2 - and completely neglecting to REMEMBER.
Please understand, I'm not out to disrespect our veterans. I'm not scoffing at my rights and freedoms. I'm just saying . . . who remembers anymore? Does anyone?
So tomorrow I may need to avoid Facebook, so as not to 1) lose any friends, or 2) start any flame wars. There are sure to be arm loads of trite and tired status updates. This here? This is my blog, I feel safe expressing myself here.

Other peeves lately include (but are not limited to):
1) Hypocrisy over obvious shit. Especially prominent in town on garbage day. We've just started a green bin program here in town. For those of you not familiar with 'green binning' it's a program where your household waste that isn't garbage (ie. facial tissues, food scraps, etc) is taken to a facility for composting. We're talking stuff that can't go in your back yard composter. Meat. Bones. Pretty much anything that isn't plastic. Good idea, right? Reduces landfill while creating a sustainable, green source of energy. What kills me is the sight of these green bins lined up along the streets all proud and smug . . . right next to the 'NO BIO WASTE PLANT' signs on some of the lawns.
Recently, a bio waste plant was proposed for the town of Elmira. It's meant to be right on the edge of town. People are freaking out about this. It's going to stink. It's going to promote lots and lots of noisy truck traffic. NOT IN MY BACKYARD WHARRRGRBL!!! The dude who runs the plant (or will be running the plant) has released a statement to the paper outlining that really there will be a handful of trucks a week, and that if the plant is smelly then they're losing the energy they're trying to harness - they'd be doin' it wrong. No dice. Elmira is still wharrrgrbl-ing. Seriously people - where do you think the contents of your oh so friendly green bin go? To a bio waste plant. Dur.
2) Smug-ass pregnant women. I am, as you know, pregnant myself. Nothing bugs the hell out of me like a smug-ass pregnant woman. The kind who won't get off her delicate tushy to get herself a glass of water if her fucking life depended on it. The kind who are more precious and important than everyone else in the world because they are creating life! Bitch, it's been done before, by countless women, countless generations and you are not so shit hot for getting knocked up. You're not special. I try, when pregnant, to have outside interests and maintain some semblance of an interesting life. When someone asks what I did on the weekend, I like to have something to say aside of 'admired my belly and considered the specialness of my fetus - have you seen this stretch mark over here?'. There are some boards/online groups I frequent that make me bananas. I had to leave all but one of them, actually . . . for fear of shooting my mouth off and making enemies. Now the one group I have left is making my eyelids twitch. They are 37 weeks along maximum (all due in December this year) and have been talking for about 6 weeks now about the contents of their hospital bags, what labour comfort measures they'll be taking, etc, etc. Some of their labour comfort measures include: bringing karaoke/video game consoles to their respective hospitals, and my favourite yet "making love" while labouring. Best of luck to you, ladies. I can tell you right now my hospital wouldn't allow any of that shit. It's too noisy - it will totally harass the other labouring women. Further, you probably won't even want anything to do with any of that . . . since these women want natural, drug-free deliveries. Cripes.
Also, from the second you pee on that stick and learn you are pregnant . . . you don't need to ensure every conversation includes a reference to your impending child. I get it, you're expecting. Hearing about it constantly is aggravating to me. Imagine what it does to someone who wants kids and can't have them. Or to someone who is child-free by choice and feels judged for his/her decision. Knock it off already.


Kaye said...

I *LOVE* you man!!!!
I'm half tempted to post a bloody gory war poem to counteract that damn poppy poem. Grrr.

And I'm totally with you on the PG thing. Can we add non PG people who treat PG people like they're handicapped? I literally wanted to smack every person who offered to do silly things for me like carry a case of soda 100 feet (I refuse to shop at stores that even give PG/new moms special parking spaces). I was pregnant--not crippled!

Tracy and her crew said...

I guess I have a different perspective on Remembrance Day since I have lived on a Canadian Military base for 9 years. It is a very moving and complicated time since many families are observing while a loved one of their own is in Afghanistan. The community centre is filled with women who's husbands are 'over there' and anyone in uniform is crying on this day and then has drinks at the local legion with the survivors of WW2. My facebook page as well is filled with military wives whom I have met over the years. This is not a trivial day for us... this is the day when civilians come into our world and see what we go through day in and day out. If you don't get it then I can't make you. But had I know this is how you were feeling I would have invited you up for the day to attend services here. It is VERY different than what I remember while living back in my home town. Where you are living is quite removed from the military and so I understand your disinterest. My experiences here have been humbling to say the least. I only wish everyone in Canada had an opportunity to see the Canadian Forces in action (not in war or genocide, as you call it) but in real genuine community love, patriotic pride and willing sacrifice. There are the politics of war, which is what I am sensing you are frustrated with, but there is also the people affected by war and that is what I believe today is about.

Leslie said...

I'd like to add to your list, every BLOODY person in my office, who constantly has to ask "how are you feeling" EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. as though I am DYING, not pregnant.

I mean really... I can only say "I'm doing fine" so many times.

Stickyfingers said...

That's what I'm saying Tracy - around here, we've turned Remembrance day into something it's not . . . all about plastic poppies and the propensity of the public to 'me, me, me'. MY grandparents did this to contribute. Whippidy doo. What have YOU done? Thanked a veteran lately? You should. I resent that it's limited to a one-day jag. Seriously - if we were half as full of remembrance as we claim to be, our cenotaphs would always have fresh flags, and well-kept gardens. Yesterday, I watched some city workers clean the leaves and garbage out of the cenotaph, and then load the usually empty gardens with pansies. And this is the cenotaph just up the street from the recruiting office. There are folks in uniform walking past that thing every day. Rather than maintaining it on a regular basis, they did a one-day rush job to make it presentable to the TV cameras. To our glorious dead? No, to the glory of the city.
And then there's the whole question of 'what have we LEARNED?'. Apparently nothing. Shameful.
I rank it right up there with Valentine's day. I don't need to be told when and where to appreciate the sacrifice of our soldiers. I dont' need to be told to tell my husband that I love him and he's important to me. Maybe some of us need prodding and reminders - it aggravates the hell out of me.
FTR, I did observe a moment of silence at 11. I dont' hate Remembrance Day - I hate the BS that surrounds it.

Stickyfingers said...

Yup Leslie - and let's add all the 'oh, you're still here? Havent' you HAD THAT BABY YET?'

Clearly, no I have not. I feel this is a good thing, since I'm due at the end of freakin' December!!

Leslie said...

I've come to the conclusion that all the guys here have wimpy wives.

'cause they all are fathers.

yet, they all seem to think that I am terminally ill.

women have been having babies for years.... move along!!

Anonymous said...

Just to add one bit from the "other side"...there are those of us who ask..."how are you doing" and really mean it! How is today? Are you pooped enough to let me make you a coffee and donut? I know you both are stong clever capable women. but once in a while it's nice to relax a minute and just visit. Hey!! offer me a little papmering...and I'll say yes!! It doesn't mean you think less of me or that you are demeaning my abilites. Or at least I wouldn't take it that way...I've been PG..I've been otherwise pooped...pampering and interest in you doesn't HAVE to be a bad thing...

Anonymous said...

I can'r resist commenting on your thoughts about the proposed Bio Waste plant. I have lived in Elmira for 30 years. If you want to understand why so many are saying NIMBY, I suggest you go to the public library and read up on the NDMA crisis of the early '90s.We know what can go wrong.