Monday, 4 October 2010

16 & 17

It's been so busy around here lately with doll making that I have nothing really fun to report. With the exception of Sweet Pea. She is 2.25 now, and the most fun I've ever seen on 2 legs. Yes, she tests her limits, yes she tests my patience . . . but she's still a blast!
She's learning so fast. She's singing and dancing, undressing herself with only a bit of help, brushing her own hair, and voicing all of her various opinions whether we want her to or not.
She amazes me. Every day. And she melts my heart - every day. "I love you mommy. You make me happy when skies are cake" Awwwwwwwww! Wait, cake??

Dolls #16 and 17 were completed recently.

#16, Lonni, was shipped off to the US.
Lonni 005

She's a mocha-skinned fairy princess, and I completely love her finished look.

Lonni 003

She's going to a military family with 7 children. I wish her luck. All the luck in the world.

#17 I'm not sold on.
17 is a custom order - 17's customer wanted to order the hair from an Etsy seller herself. It's her doll, right? I let her.
It's definitely something else. A little bright for my tastes. Okay, a lot bright for my tastes. But she's a custom - who am I to judge?

Siataya 011

Siataya 010

I like her best as a mermaid. She has another outfit, but I feel like it doesn't reflect well on my doll-making abilities to show it. Apparently the customer didn't like it so much either. Currently, I'm working on an alternate outfit for this one.

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Kaye said...

Hee hee, isn't it amazing how fast they suck up information???

I kinda like technicolor hair mermaid!