Saturday, 25 September 2010


Way, way busy over here - and loving it!
I'm considering applying for a guest artist spot for the December Stitch n' Kitsch, but then I'm not sure if I'm hard core enough to want to do a 7 hour craft show . . . no matter how awesome it appears to be.
See, the show is on December 4th - which is just 17 days before my due date. It's also about 2 months away from now. If I pull out all the stops, ignore my family and home life, and just make dolls for the next 2 months, I figure I could have about 20-30 to take with me. But then there's the whole 'who goes to a craft sale looking to spend $90 on a doll?' argument - would I even need that many? Can I handle the set up, take down and a full 7 hours of selling at 37 weeks pregnant? Am I crazy for even considering this?

As you can see, I am of 2 minds on this topic.

But I promised you a 15th doll. At least, the 15th in my mind -- I don't think cuddle beans count. (Maybe doll nuggets?)

Nutella 004

Nutella 003

This doll was custom ordered a long, long time ago - before anyone even knew she was going to a little girl. See, her momma was pregnant and looking forward to the arrival of her baby - but it was early and she didn't even know if her baby was a girl or a boy. Well, that baby is now a few months old, the final details were decided this week, and she's done! Ready to go home!
The momma in question is a spinner and will be making the hair for her little girl's doll herself. I love the face on this one - very friendly!

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Batty said...

Beautiful doll, I'm sure either a boy or a girl would love to play with it. I bet the girl is going to be really happy when she gets it!