Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Why? Why? WHY?!

Can I be the whiny toddler for a few minutes here?

We're sick. AGAIN! It's obscene the number of illnesses we've had in the household for the last 6 months. I can honestly only think of about 15 healthy days I've had. I'm so tired of being sick!

We've gone through 12-15 boxes of facial tissue, 3 boxes of sudafed, and I can't even tell you how many bottles of children's pain reliever and fever reducer. Since January.

About a month ago, Sweet Pea had an ear infection.

She went on antibiotics for the first time in her life. They worked quickly, and she felt better in short order, but the cold that caused her ear infection did a number on me. I just got better from it week before last.
Then last week, on Thursday, we started over again. There's a long, aggravating story here - to sum up though, she was in a bad, bad way. Because of the kind of doctor situation we're involved in, we are asked not to go to walk-in clinics or ERs unless we absolutely have to. I would have liked to take Sweet Pea to the ER on Saturday, but I was talked out of it. She had a fever of 38.9 (103) for three days, ate nothing for five days, and drank very little for 2 days. I was very worried. She spent Saturday sleeping on my chest, crying and being lethargic. Sunday she seemed to be coming around, until the afternoon. She laid on the floor all afternoon and whined. Monday she seemed to be on the rebound, but developed a really scary, wet, choking cough. We called the Dr's office and made an appointment. Tuesday we arrive for our appointment at 5:27 - they tell us we've missed it - we're 10 minutes late. We weren't, but the receptionist refused to admit us. I made a scene at the office, and spent 90 minutes last night drafting an email letting them know just how I feel about this whole thing. I spent much of the night last night listening to my daughter choking and coughing in her sleep. Today we took Sweet Pea to a walk-in clinic. She has another ear infection, and possibly something going on with her lungs, although the dr said they sound pretty clear. He thought something might be brewing based on her cough and prescribed a heavy duty antibiotic. Hopefully she'll be much better very soon.

But me? I have another crap-tastic cold. And I'm getting tired of being on cold meds, and not being able to taste, or smell or anything. I just want to be healthy! I can only hope with spring and summer on the horizon we can shake all this illness BS for a few months.


Bezzie said...

Aww! Poor girls! Is it warm enough to open the windows and air out the place yet?

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that all this nasty stuff is hanging around for so long. You're right...if the weather would just move forward and you could breathe fresh air and get outside for a bit..things would probably be better. Have you checked with the daycare are the other kids doing? Being out and about can be soooo hard on little ppl. Keep up all your know she loves them. kwgma

Anonymous said...

hugggggggggggz to you