Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Some vacations are better than others.

Today was only day 3 of my vacation, and I'm all vacationed out. From this point on, it's all gravy.
Is it because it's the first vacation I've really had since going back to work? Probably. And so far, it rocks.

Yesterday, I had the best day EVER with Sweet Pea. We did lots of snuggling, and singing, and playing. We went swimming (!!). We went to the park (!!).

We went grocery shopping. It was awesome! If every day were like yesterday, I would already have a slew of children. Days like yesterday make me sincerely yearn for more babies to share more love and fun with.

Today, I took Sweet Pea to daycare, and spent much of the day at the LYS fondling, sniffing, and finally purchasing some really great stuff. I have purples for a wee girl cardi. I have black for a mystery project. I have pinks for another sock monster (store sample - yay!!). I bought 2 new books. I am in a state of complete bliss.

I filled the mommy jones. I filled the me jones. Tomorrow Mr. Wonderful will be home, and I will hopefully fill the family jones. Ah, yes . . . life is good.


Batty said...

This sounds like you're having the best time ever. On days like that, I'm tempted to never go back to work. But then, it would get boring, at least for me.

Anonymous said...

LOL I left you a comment that has disappeared into never never space!! somewhere out there in computerville it is floating around!! hahahah
Love ya Love the pics! Have's good for the soul! kwgma