Saturday, 13 March 2010

Toys, toys, toys.

I've been making toys, of late. I've made a second monster!

Roary. She's always laughing at something. Sometimes it gets annoying. And she's only had her mouth for an hour now.
Roary just won't shut up. Even before she got her mouth, she would hum, and talk excitedly in a mashed up mumble for hours on end. I'm going to have to send her away. I should have known she was going to be trouble when she asked for the pink eyes.

I've also made an alligator.

This is for The Toy Society.
I'm a sucker for this kind of project. Something that requires minimal investment (time OR money) from me, and might just bring a smile to someone . . . I'm in.
My office building also houses our Passport office. I see all kinds of folks coming through the lobby - a lot of them have little children with them. Some of them are clearly in need of a gesture. This gator took me maybe 30 minutes to whip up last night. It's baby friendly, soft, cuddly -- and best of all FREE. I was going to package it and leave it today - but I don't have it all ready to go yet.

I mean, the alligator is ready. The packaging really isn't.
I have a few other drop locations in mind. The post box across the street from Sweet Pea's daycare. The fence for the construction zone across from the halfway house for women. I could be busy for a while yet making toys.
And in other toy news, I SOLD A DOLL!
I have a deposit for a custom mermaid Waldorf doll. I have the materials all amassed. I have the pattern (which is approved for commercial use). I have an incredible desire to get started right away! But first, I have to finish the order of bags for Shall We Knit? which is due for the 27th. I have most of it done. I'm about 2 or 3 machine sewing hours away from done, then there's the hand work -- buttons, toggles, etc.
And then I have a doll dress to make in pink.
But once those are done, I'm so cutting into this memaid thing!!
Then I have another order of bags for SWK?
And a quilt to finish for a friend.
And I need to make some dolls to go into an etsy store.
And some doll clothes.
I'm stressed. But it's a good stressed.


Bezzie said...

Holy crud, that gator is too cute!!!

Congrats on the doll sales!

Batty said...

Wow, that alligator is the best! Love it!

etcgirl said...

I've said it before. I'll say it again and again: You. Are. A. Star.

Congrats on the sale. Others think of you the same as me. :)

Anonymous said...

smile smile smile smile What can I say? you just make me smile and feel happy all over. The gator is great...the sale is not unexpected but it too is great and hey! all that stuff stressing you out is fun stuff! Enjoy! kwgma