Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sweet Pea's first trick-or-treat.

Even though Sweet Pea is only 15 months old, we thought this year we would take her out for her very first trick-or-treat, just to the houses on our block. Only to the 4 doors on our street that know her, and would be friendly and non-threatening.

At about 6pm, we put our girl in her costume.

She was, in a word, unconvinced. She didn't seem to mind the costume so much, she just really didn't understand why we were doing this to her!

"Mother, are you quite certain this is entirely necessary?"

I'm sure in years to come, things will go differently . . . but this year, Sweet Pea was more interested in raiding the diaper bag for snacks and messing about in the leaves than in going to stranger's homes and asking for treats.

But once she got it, man did she ever get it! There was excitement on every walkway, anticipation at every door, and appreciation of every treat. She even loved putting the treats into her bag.

At the end of the night, when all was said and done, she was happy enough to get home.

Her loot bag looked like this:

Not bad for 4 doors, eh?

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Anonymous said...

whoohoo Loot! and it's all hers! Happy Hallowe'en monkey! I'll bet she had some happy dreams that night thinking about going to doors and getting treats!