Friday, 6 November 2009

help me, Help Me, HELP ME!

So, I have this problem - and I suppose it's not an uncommon, or even terrible problem to have. But I need some nudging, convincing, or otherwise helping with this problem.

I need mittens. Possibly gloves.
I want them to be made from fingering weight yarn.

Here are my possible yarns.

These are my possible patterns.
Heather's mittens
Citrus mittens (for which I already own the pattern)
Fiesta mittens - feeling a little lukewarm on this one, but I think it would showcase my yarns nicely
Kingdom - really lovely . . . just not sure if I would wear them.
And my dream gloves. They are gorgeous, but the pattern is intimidating as all hell. Not only do I not know anything about making gloves, I don't speak/read Japanese.

So help me out here - which pattern, and which yarn(s) should I use? Every time I think I've made a decision, I get as far as the swift and winder before I freak out and start thinking again.


Vanessa said...

What about modifying the herringbone mitts into gloves or mittens? It wouldn't be too hard. I have never made gloves, but have made many a fingerless and a regular mitten, I promise the regular ones aren't bad!! LOL

I personally would use that STR twisted I see peeking out there for a plain vanilla mitten set for Sweet Pea, to break your teeth on and not make SUCH a huge commitment. Then you will see they are no big deal and you will be making the japanese ones in no time!! :)

Kaye said...

See I like the Heather's Mittens straight up. I don't like the gloves because they're too short on the cuffs.

canadacole said...

I know nothing about pattern, but I see that lovely green that you used for the fingerless mitts you made me and I have a deep, deep love for that. But what's that in the bottom left corner? Blue and green? Hmmm...actually, they're all pretty and I am absolutely no help at all. Sorry.

Leslie said...


as a barely - knitter, I have no advise. But I think allt he yarn looks cool!

Batty said...

Fiesta Mittens! In that black yarn and the orange/fuchsia/purple/yellow yarn right next to it. They'd be so colorful and happy!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful stash of yarn!! I would think ANYthing would be fabulous and you always have fancier ideas than I do *grin* Have fun! kwgma