Saturday, 21 November 2009

3 points

1) Re: last post's request.
I decided to go for the gloves. The dream gloves . . . and I wound the yarn into cakes, and I cast on, and worked about 10 rows . . . . and it looked like utter shit. So I frogged. Now I'm back at square one.

2) Doll #4
I finished dressing doll #4 in the car today, on the way to a play date. Don't worry -- I wasn't driving.
All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the way he turned out. There were some harrowing moments, and he fought being made all the way . . . but I think he's looking rather dapper.
Beebie (Sweet Pea's doll - she named it herself) and this little fellow are made from the same pattern -- look at the difference.

I think the practice is paying off.

3) The Zoo
Today we went to the Zoo with another little family that we're pretty tight with. The above doll is for their youngest family member, Lovey.
We had a great time checking out the animals! Sweet Pea was really excited about all the puppies and ducks - apparently if she's not sure what it is, and it has 4 limbs, it's a puppy. If there are only 2 limbs, it must be a duck.
Here are some of her favourite puppies:

It's hard to teach a toddler to say 'Arctic Wolf'. That bottom pic? Polar bear. Dirty, dirty polar bear.

Sweet Pea rode a hippo

She and Lovey adored the wall of fish

And admired the crocodile together.

Big, full day for us!


Kaye said...

That hippo pic is the best!

jennyp said...

You know, I have pics of myself sitting in a similar manner on that very same hippo...I mean, mine were taken a couple of years ago, and I have photos of my companions for the trip doing less-than-appropriate things to the hippo...

I love the zoo :)

Leslie said...

Buddy uses the word "Beebee" a lot too.. although he dosen't own any baby dolls yet.

But he loves to point to his newborn picture 9or really, any picture of a baby) & say "Beebee!!"

Batty said...

Oh, that is so cute! Adorable toys, and fun at the zoo. What a great time. And the hippo picture is priceless.