Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sweet Pea's Big Birthday Party.

Wow. What a wonderful day we've had!
Tomorrow is Sweet Pea's first birthday. Actually, 5 hours from now will mark one year since her arrival. We held her first birthday party today, and it was amazing!

There was a lot of careful planning and prep work involved, but I think it's safe to say we pulled off a rather successful birthday party.
There were friends. There was family. There was music, and food, and fun for all. I like to think (and hope it's true) that even the few people who didn't know anyone else there found common ground and something to do/talk about while they were there.

In preparation, we finger painted

There may have been some body painting going on as well.

We inflated a metric tonne of balloons

We also baked a fabulous cake and did a lot of shopping and decorating.

And when the time to party was upon us . . . oh, we so did!!

Sweet Pea 'rocked out' on her brand new toddler rocking pony. (So did some other guests!)
She got super sandy in her new sand and water table.
She was snuggled and loved and wished happiness every which way she turned.

And then, we got the cake out.

After all was said and done - the food was eaten, the gifts opened (and they were spectacular! Every one of them has been played with and adored already) and guests had started wandering off, I remembered this dress. It was given to us by an elderly lady from our old apartment building. She and Mr. Wonderful kept in touch after we moved, and when she heard about Sweet Pea's arrival, she went out and bought her this gift. It was a very kind sentiment. And while I never intended these pictures to see the light of day - except to be sent to the woman in question - this one is too precious to hide away.

You can dress her up in ribbon, and roses, and lace -- but that girl is my daughter, through and through!! She will not be giving up her 'boy toys'!


etcgirl said...

Oh, so happy birthday, Sweet Pea. I'm sorry I missed your fabulous party, but Auntie Lynne had some bigger Peas visiting at her house from Vancouver that she had to entertain.

It looks like you had just the right amount of fun, and that mummy made the coolest cake evah.

(Oh, and help me wish happy birthday to Auntie Lisa too! *mwah*)

XX's and OO's

Bezzie said...

Awwww!!! That year went by too fast!

Alrischa said...

Love that "frills and trucks" picture! LOL!

My girl is one in a few days. All she wants to do is follow her brother around and play with his plastic tools. He he. (Funny how dads find that cute, but not when their boy wants to knit like mummy!)

Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea!

Lisa said...

That last picture is adorable! I had a great time at the party. Sweet Pea really is sweet.

Stickyfingers said...

Glad you had fun!
I KNOW!! The year went by so fast . . . it all blurs. I'm glad I took thousands of pictures, and wrote things down.

Jackie said...

Happy birthday Sweet Pea! That looks like a blast. :)