Sunday, 12 July 2009

I don't want to talk about it . . .

. . . because really, for the most part, the return to work has been anti-climactic.

Wednesday: First day back. Super emotional morning. Sniffles galore. I even packed a box of tissues for what I felt was an inevitable snot-fest.
Dropped the girl at daycare - scooted the hell out of there as fast as I could before I had the chance to fall apart. Shed maybe three tears on the way to work.
Get to work, learn that my LAN id is borked, my phone log in still works (huzzah), spend the day killing time and wishing I was with Sweet Pea.
Get home to an amazing reception - Sweet Pea RUNS across the living room, arms outstretched, clearly aching for a hug. Awwww!
Thursday: Not as emotional. Shed three more tears over leaving the girl at daycare. LAN id is fixed - spend the day reading updates, policies, familiarising myself with our new products, etc, etc.
Get home to . . . hell. Screaming baby, frustrated husband . . . So. Not. Good.
Friday: No tears. Spend day reading again. Additionally, spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about Sweet Pea - was last night's meltdown the exception, or the new rule? Crunch numbers, consider part time employment, agonise, fuss, worry. Parking ticket.
Get home to a very mellow scene. Feel much better.

The weekend has been some good re-connecting time. Sweet Pea obviously misses her momma time, and spent a few hours each day nursing. I don't really mind. I'm certainly a little concerned that the meltdown might happen again and again. We'll cross that bridge if we come to it.


Bezzie said...

Ugh. I know exactly what it feels like. It's cold comfort, but it does get better. Talk to me in September when Mooch starts daycare for the first time. I'm already dreading it!

Lisa said...

Thank you for talking so frankly about your experience. It's good to prepare myself, because even though it'll be a while before I'm in your shoes, I expect that *will* eventually be me (fingers crossed knock wood that the pregnancy continues to go well and we end up with a healthy babe).

Leslie said...

poor Sweat Pea, Momma and Daddy. It's definitly an adjustment time for all of you.

Stickyfingers said...

Really, I expected it to be a) extra wonderful, or b) extra terrible. I didn't expect my return to work to be a non-event.
I'm a little thrown off.

Leslie said...

I didn't wear any mascara the first day, I was afraid I'd cry in the car and have it running down my face by the time I got in to the office.

Nothing, no tears. Day three was bad though, and Tues / Wed were bad the first couple of weeks (wait.... we're doing this AGAIN Mom?? But you just stayed home with me for TWO DAYS!!!)

Monday he didn't realize what was happening until he was at the sitter, but Tues & Wed he did.