Saturday, 18 July 2009


Sweet Pea's been sick :(
We don't know what, we don't know why . . . She's been running a very low grade fever off and on. Friday she was the clingiest she has ever been. Spent 6 hours napping on me over the course of the day. (I had booked it off).

Seems the napping paid off though!

Does this girl look sick to you?!

Can't even get her to stand still long enough for a picture.

Of course, because she's been sick she currently has Mr. Wonderful and I jumping at her every whimper. I admit it, we're baby whipped. And it's exhausting. Tonnes of cuddles, reading books over and over, nursing constantly, walking around hand in hand, 'pick me up, pick me up, pick me up!', 'put me DOWN!', 'pick me up!!' . . . Lordy.

Since my anti-climactic return to work, I've been doing some knitting.
Stuff you haven't seen yet:
Sunset Pommel Sheep
I had some Cascade 220 left over from the rug. Not a lot in any one colour - just little bits here and there of almost every colour I had used. So I thought toys don't take much yarn, generally speaking. Pommel sheep really don't take much yarn. And then I made this little lady.

Whisper Cardigan (IK Spring 2009):
I don't have good photos of this one yet.
After casting on and frogging over and over, I finally selected a different yarn for my Whisper cardi - and it was the best decision I could have made. I used Rowan Cashsoft - a cashmere blend . . . YUM!

Accidental boob shot! Don't my legs look funny??
I made a size medium, and I have a 35 or 36 inch bust - I would say to anyone making this sweater stitch count is really unimportant. Pick a size for cast on purposes only, then work in custom sizing. The medium is a bit snug on me . . . fortunately the yarn relaxed a bit, so it's more comfortable now.
I finished this sweater at work. :)

And currently I'm working on a sweater for Sweet Pea.
Strawberry Hill.
I'm working it up from some yarn I bought at Rhinebeck, the day before I learned I was pregnant. It's been hanging around for nearly 2 years now, looking for the right project.
I love that this sweater taught me how to twist stitches without a cable needle.

All of this just in the last 3 weeks (plus a birthday party, and my return to work). No wonder I'm exhausted.


Bezzie said...

I hate it when they're "happy" sick. That always seems to last long than when they're knocked on their butt sick. At least enjoy the cuddles!!!

Nice Whisper Cardigan! I like that!

Alrischa said...

Baby number two cured us of "baby whipped" syndrome. When we found ourselves getting up more in the night for him than his baby sister, the foot went down! lol.

Love the little sweater Ü

canadacole said...

I'm probably reading this way too late to be of any help, but did you check in the back of her mouth? 1st year molars are a pain and may have them suffering for weeks. Just a heads up!

Stickyfingers said...

Ho, yeah . . she's definitely getting her one year molars -- but those are mostly in now. I think the problem is/was actually the mass snottiness she came down with this past week. I'm thinking a head cold? Everyone at her daycare had one in her first week there.