Tuesday, 28 April 2009


The conundrum that is.

I will make the Twinkle Cardi. I will let the mom-to-be know of it's existence. I will give her the option - long sleeve cardi, or little short sleeve one? Because, as it happens, I like the way the yarn is working up in this pattern.
That said, I effed the whole thing up this afternoon. I opted to put in buttonholes instead of the ginky ribbon thing. Yesterday, I worked a button hole. It's too far in. Sigh. Today while I stared at it, I decided to ladder back and fix it. Colossal error. I may have to frog back. I really don't want to.

Re: my love for this yarn - I will find some in a colour that rocks my world, and snatch it right up!! Then I will decide what to make from it. I think socks. I think this yarn could convince me to try socks again.

And, I realized today that while I promised good and not-so-good in yesterday's post, I left out the big closer.
Carried Away Bags.
The good: People like them! They're selling rather quickly - apparently they did well at the Knitter's Frolic on the weekend.
The not-so-good: they are selling fast enough that they are stressing me out!! I brought 16 to Shall We Knit? last week. I have 12 more cut out and ready to go . . well, actually 4 almost complete, and 6 cut out and waiting. I ran out of materials for the remaining 2. I have to deliver them in 2 days! This is actually also a 'good', because . . . well, it's success. And that's good!

It still freaks me out a little that people will buy something that I made. Seriously weird stuff. I mean, at first it felt like a bit of a lark. Sure, sure. Make some bags, sell them at the LYS! But now, now it's for reals. I didn't realize they were actually selling until I saw just how few were left in the store, and that brought it right around to 'real deal'. And it's AWESOME!


Lisa said...

Congratulations on your well-deserved success!

Anonymous said...

Would you like a "help visit" in the near future?? All you have to do is let me know and I can be there!!!

Stickyfingers said...


Got the bags done in time. Now they just need tags, and delivery.

Batty said...

Apparently, you're making what people want to buy, so yay!

Hate buttonholes. Hate them. But yeah... ribbon closure... not my thing either.

Stickyfingers said...

I am fortunate in that my sewing machine does buttonholes FOR me!! You just set it, and make it go. Otherwise, no buttonholes for me.

Hey, welcome back Batty!