Monday, 20 April 2009

Bad, bad blogger!!

I have been lazy this month. Remarkably lazy.

I could blame Sweet Pea. She's much more mobile and vocal this month. We've been very busy going to play at the Early Years Centre, and going to the park, and with swimming lessons, and all the daily errands and chores that come along with baby-raising. But it's not her fault.

I could blame it on the lack of blog fodder in my life. But that would be a false-hood as well.

I could tell you I don't have the time to get on the computer and type up a blog entry anymore. That would be closer to the truth, but still not quite correct.

The truth is, I am just feeling lazy. Probably that seasonal burst that comes around and says 'hey, summer is on the way -- relax and enjoy it!'

So let's begin with my birthday. I am 29! I don't have issues with getting older. Whatever. It's just a birthday.
This birthday was a good one!
My parents came in the morning with a cake.

They also brought Sweet Pea a wagon - which can be loaded with all her softies for a real good time!

Mr. Wonderful had the day off. We bundled up the girl and went for a nice hike through a conservation area. I told everyone I could that it was my birthday so as to be showered with love and wishes for happiness. It worked!

I had an order from Shall We Knit for more of my Carried Away bags - the proprietor of the store wants to take them to the Knitter's Frolic in Toronto. This feels like a pretty big deal to me. So I spent a lot of time last week cutting and sewing and I got the order filled in a timely fashion (which also feels like a pretty big deal to me!). And then I accidentally sold 2 of the bags before I even had a chance to deliver them to the store. Hey, I can't say no a knitter who's in love with the fabric and styling of a project bag! So, I had 2 more to make up. Add to that the new fabrics Karen requested I use to make up more bags for her, and I have something like 9 more to make this week. Since I made 12 last week . . . I seem to be on a roll here! I'm thinking about the possibility of opening up an Etsy shop as well. Not sure, though.

We had a lovely weekend. Friday we saw a good friend of Mr. Wonderful, his wife and their 4 month old son. Spent Friday night at Sweet Pea's nana's house. Saturday morning bright and early I joined Sweet Pea's Aunty I-LOVE-BABIES! at the big clothing sale she frequents. It's kids clothing - used, but in good shape. Saturday afternoon I went shopping for me, and spent up all my birthday money on shirts and pants that make me feel like a movie star! I was most pleased.


canadacole said...

Etsy!!! DO IT!!!

I predict you'd be a big hit!

I hear you on the bloggy blahs too. I'm just not feeling it this month.

Alrischa said...

Every age is the best age, isn't it? They just get more and more fun (even as they get naughty). I wish I had time to do all that with my 9m old, but I spend too much time chasing her older brother. Luckily, so does she, and that's all she seems to need in life! lol. (All those hours in the middle of the night... all those nappies... and her big brother is clearly her favorite person. sigh)

No harm in making an etsy shop. Sounds like you're busy enough Ü

etcgirl said...

The bags are gorgeous. And thanks for pushing so hard to get them all done. It was an enormous amount of work.