Thursday, 9 April 2009

Playing catch-up

For reals - 10 days with no post, and I have so freakin' much to share!

Let's begin at the beginning:

New quilt: this kit was sent to me shortly after Sweet Pea's birth and I finally got around to assembling it! Cute little blankie, Sweet Pea likes to touch the soft bits.

This wee girl loves her books! She got all her books down off her shelf, and sat and 'read' them . . too cute!

Got the girl 2 walkers for $15 (!!). She likes to ride on them best - using them as walkers usually results in a thump, and some crying. Poor little monkey can't make her feet go fast enough!

Maple Syrup Festival:
It was bitter cold! We bundled the girl up, strapped her to her daddy (so she could see) and out we went! Sweet Pea's Nana came along, and we were glad to have her company.

We met some animals.

Saw some weird signs.

And tuckered out the girl.

Boy Cousin's birthday party:
Boy cousin is very nearly One. His birthday party was last weekend. Apparently, Sweet Pea appreciated his birthday gifts.

And his wagon.

And finally, Sweet Pea's grandparents from Alberta are visiting this week, so Mr. Wonderful took some time off work, and came to swimming lessons to watch this week!


Vanessa said...

Oh the quilt turned out so cute!! LOVE the swimming pictures. As a former teacher/lifeguard, my kids have been in the water since about 8 months old LOL, I am a huge proponent of young swimming!

Stickyfingers said...

Sweet Pea seems to enjoy it very much. You can see the smile on her in the first swimming photo!


Alrischa said...

We got that same walker for Byron. Took him a while to work it out (especially turning) but he loved it. The music drove us a bit mad! He used to dance to it. We'll have to get it back out and change it from a bike back to a walker for Jasmine Ü

Stickyfingers said...

I kinda like the music . . . ask me again in a year though.

Anonymous said...

Having seen the dancing that goes on just from the music playing in the background in your house, I don't think you need to buy any toys to make her dance LOL she's a real star on that count already!! A lifeguard tho??? now that might be a good plan for getting summer work!! Do you think she can be ready in 2010?