Wednesday, 7 February 2007

A new venture

Well, here I am . . . ready to join the legions of the bloggers.

It seems that more and more, I'm drawn to reading blogs. Somewhere along the line, it occurred to me to start one of my own.

I suppose I should start with an introduction.

First off, I am a woman. That used to mean something, or maybe everything. I am a walking contradiction in terms of my sex -- yes, I am a woman. I do some 'typical' woman things. I cook. I clean the bathroom. I do the laundry. I go to the spa from time to time. I do some very abnormal things for a woman as well . . . I ride a longboard when the roads are dry and clear. I have worked as a paintball referee. I have spoken for and against things I feel strongly about.
I confuse people. Because I am a strong, seemingly independent woman - but then I do something contradictory - I took my husband's name, for example. Because they see me in public dressed in a somewhat fashion forward style, on the cutting edge of certain things, and then when they come to my home, they find me with knitting needles in hand.
I suppose I'm hard to read. I'm a classic woman in some terms, with traditional thoughts and past-times . . . and then in the next breath, I'm a modern woman, with today's ideas.

I'm just being me.

Secondly, I am in my late twenties. Old enough to know who I am and where I want to go. Young enough not to be taken seriously. Desperate to move forward.

Third, I am married. I have been married to Mr. Wonderful for 16 months. I still don't know how to be married, and be myself. I'm working on it. It's new. My mom was a stay at home, who gave up herself to be my dad's wife. I don't want that to be me. I really don't. To be fair, my mom was a pretty entertaining woman herself, until she was involved in a near fatal car accident. I was 9. Her life didn't end, but it was certainly over.

Fourth, I live in a small town. I've always been a big city girl until a few months ago. I wanted a house. Mr. Wonderful wanted his home town, which is much too far away. We compromised. We're quite happy in our little house in our little town. Sometimes I miss the convenience of the city. I never miss the atmosphere of the city. I actually get startled when I hear sirens around here . . .

Fifth, I love to knit. It's virtually all I do. I knit whenever my hands aren't doing something else. I knit at work, watching tv, while on the phone . . . I have knit alot of things. Sometimes I sew. I think all my creative energy goes into knitting and sewing. I also love the internet. I find lots of knitting projects online. Most recently, I happened across - this is my new goldmine of info, knitters and projects. I've never known another knitter, aside from immediate family. I'm often approached by non-knitters, who are transfixed by what I can do . . . but I've never had a friendship with another knitter. I love that on knitty, I can talk to other knitters. It's a great resource.

So now you know a bit about me. I hope you'll stop in again.

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