Friday, 9 February 2007

1 am knitting

You ever get that, where you're just so excited about something that you can't put it down? Can't go to bed? Can't do whatever it is/was that you're supposed to be doing?

I have it right now.

I fell in love, in absolute bona fide LOVE with Jordana Paige's Starsky - a knit featured for free on I started knitting it a few weeks ago. Right now, I am binding off the collar of this beautiful sweater. I fully hope, nay, expect to wear it on Monday. I think I will be completely devastated if I can't for any reason.

Starsky has been a series of firsts for me. First time I was ever blown off by store reps when trying to purchase yarn - at two separate yarn stores! First time I ever spent that much on any yarn - truth be told, I was just so grateful when the lady was willing to help! First time working with any type of luxury yarn - so worth it! First time working short rows . . didn't do it quite right, but no matter!
Most importantly, first time making something truly beautiful for myself!

Sure, I've knit myself scarves. 2, actually. And I once made myself a sweater. It was an off white raglan pull-over. And over the 5 years it's been around, it's been stretched and stained . . . it was uninspired to begin with, born out of a need for a plain white sweater . . . I'll be glad for this new sweater.

I think every crafter should make things for themselves. Clearly, I have an issue with this. My family and friends have numerous handknits from me -- and I have only one.

I was hoping to add some photos of my knit in progress today, but unfortunately, the camera has killed off the batteries. Good news, pay day is in just a few hours, so I can run out for more in the morning -- provided I ever get to bed. Almost done binding off the collar - excitement resolving to a deep sense of satisfaction . . .


Annie said...

How much was it, for the yarn, all told? If you don't mind me asking!!

Not just another said...

The yarn came out to $200 . . . pricey, but I think well worth it! You can't even imagine how satisfying it is to slip that sweater on!