Thursday, 14 June 2012


Recently, in the course of a trip to the local bastion of all things crafty I found something so pefect for Sweet Pea that it stopped me dead in my tracks. 
Lately our little girl has been all about wearing dresses and skirts -- but she has very few that fit her anymore. She is gigantic, and her dresses from last year barely cover her undies anymore. She's also been very interested in learning about new things, so we taught her a bit about BIG HAIRY SPIDERS recently, and let her watch a few informative videos, and since then she's been preoccupied with tarantulas. In fact, she would like one for a pet. (Hell no.) 

So when I saw a tarantula print fabric at the store, I bought a yard. I thought 'I'll make her a skirt with it. Easy, peasy. She'll be wearing it by tomorrow! And I'll have yardage left over to make doll clothes, too!' But then I showed her the fabric and asked her opinion on skirt patterns. And Mr. Wonderful suggested a dress, and Sweet Pea jumped on it . . . and now it's a week later, and I'm still working on it.

Fortunately, I have lots of fabrics on hand so I was able to find something to stretch that 1 yard of fabric and make a dress -- but I still have to finish the arm and neck hole, get some buttons and assemble the whole thing. 

She's very excited. I hope she loves it when it's done. 

I also made this over the past week:

This dragon is from a pattern by DIYFluffies called Yoki the Fat Dragon. It's a pretty finicky pattern - but so cute! This one is going to Sweet Pea's gymnastics club to be part of their year-end raffle. Hope he fetches a lot of raffle tickets and thereby, a good price.

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