Monday, 18 June 2012

Boober's best day yet!

This weekend was unbelievably busy chez nous. Saturday was Sweet Pea's first ever public performance - a 10 minute KinderKids gymnastics demo. She did great! No nerves, no falls, one very happy little girl.

Sweet Pea and her medal. I've never seen her so proud of something before.

Ta Daaaaa!
Immediately following her demo, Sweet Pea and her nana packed up and took off for an afternoon of good times. She went to the movies, checked out ducks in the park, and hung out with her cousins.
Mr. Wonderful went to a friend's cottage for a big send-off.
This left Boober and I to our own devices. He was pretty okay with that - because he had the best day EVER!!






He painted with water, chased a bunny, messed around in the yard, went for a LOOONG walk up and down the street, pausing to stuff storm drains with vegetation and poke bugs whenever he wanted, for as long as he wanted. He really enjoyed himself.
I really enjoyed him too.

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Brenda said...

Similar to our house! After my niece's gymnastics meet in Elmira (I really should have gone, since I now know a few people who where there, but I offered to take care of the nephew who didn't want to watch gynmastics...) my big girl went with Grandma & Grandpa for her first sleep over without mom and baby girl had a ball having mommy all to herself!