Thursday, 26 May 2011

Well that doesn't bode well . . .

It's a rainy morning - the kind of rain that hammers down on your roof and wakes your kids up ungodly early. The kind of rain that keeps you closeted inside doing laundry and finding things to keep the kids occupied. In short, it's the kind of day where you feel the urge to get things done! finally.

Right now, I have a lot on the go. I have an order of aprons and bags in the works for Shall We Knit? who have recently opened at their new location - 11 Willow St in Waterloo. I have a doll who just needs legs and 2 snaps on her dress and she's ready to be listed. I have the Companion Cube still sitting around. I have a messy house that aches to be cleaned properly. I have a quilt that still needs finishing touches to work up for a friend. I have piles of laundry - some clean, some waiting for washer time. I have a knitting queue that makes me itch to sit and knit and knit and knit. Socks for me, Sk8r sweater for SWK, baby boy knits, toys for the girl . . .
But right now, very much on my mind is my nephew's birthday sweater.

His birthday was in April. I started knitting in April - there was an outside possibility that I could get it done by party day, however slim that possibility. I shared the progress of the sweater earlier - remember this?


Well, I got the body finished and moved on to a sleeve. Last night, I finished the sleeve (it's been slow going. Shut up!) This morning, I wanted to put the sleeve with the sweater body. Keep it all in one place. Makes sense, right? So I open up my knitting stand . . .


It's not in there. I start thinking . . . where could it be? And all I could think of is where it's NOT.
Yarn bag?


Sewing desk? Nope. Drawers? Nope. My table beside the couch? Nope . . . wait . . .


Believe it or not, the sweater body IS there. Under the pile of out-grown kid clothes right at the back. All's well that ends well, but for a moment there I was pretty concerned.

Now I just have to decide how to keep the kids busy and happy today. I foresee a movie.

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