Thursday, 26 May 2011

Boober groweth big and whatnot.

Boober. Growing. Sort of.

He's still a bitty little bugger, and he's only just barely in size 3-6 months at 5.5 months . . . but he's getting bigger, I swear!

For example:
Newborn Boober in his car seat


Recent Boober in his car seat


And this particular picture I took just this past weekend. My wee boy looks so grown, and so very adorable!


This little baby is 100% convinced that he should be walking on his own, crawling, talking and using the toilet. I constantly remind him that he is just 5 months old, and there is plenty of time for all this stuff. He doesn't believe me. Poor wee soul, he is so very sad that he is a baby.

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Lisa said...

OMG those eyes in the last pic! So alert, so adorable. (And so fun to see him wearing that blue t-shirt of Sam's.)