Thursday, 13 January 2011

I love him, fun and games, and the plague of 2011

Sweet Pea is still very much enamoured of her little brother. I'm glad she doesn't hate him, but I wish she didn't love him so violently!
She simply doesn't understand that 1 month old babies are 1) easily overwhelmed, 2) incapable of playing with their adoring big sisters.
For example, I put him out on his quilt for some 'play time' last week. This is what I wanted play time to look like:


This is what it looked like when Sweet Pea was done with him:


Life is not completely devoid of play time, mind you. There are still couch forts a-plenty


And shoveling is apparently a good time . . . .


And she loves to read stories to her little brother at bedtime.


As is tradition for the month of January, our household has been struck once again with the plague. Wonderful got it first, then I came down with it. We suspect Sweet Pea is next as she has the warning cough and has been sneezing a fair bit. I sincerely hope she skips it - while we're fairly certain it's just a cold, it's the worst cold I've ever had. I had to call in reinforcements to take care of the kids yesterday so I could just lie in bed and fight off a fever of 39.5 (Celsius - that's 103.1F). If our little man gets it, I'm pretty sure he's screwed and will need admission to the hospital. I'm crossing everything I have that he's getting adequate anti-bodies from my milk and he'll skip it. So far, so good. He doesn't have a cough, and he sneezes infrequently. We seem to be on the right track! If Sweet Pea does, in fact, contract the plague . . . I don't know. It's a terribly high fever, and a lot of dehydration. Here's hoping both of the kids come through no worse for wear.


Stickyfingers said...

AND . . wouldn't you know it. Within 15 minutes of posting, Sweet Pea came to me complaining that she wanted to sleep, and she was 'hot, but cold'. Poor baby has the plague.

Kaye said...

Awww! Poor baby!
Here's hoping the little one doesn't get it. BTDT. Not fun.
Hee hee, they're going to love these pictures when they're older...

Lisa said...

OMG that second playtime picture is priceless. Wishing health to you all.

Also warms my heart to see the monkey sleeper being worn again. :) :)

Mama said...

Oh, I love the look on his face after he has all those toys!!!


Anonymous said...

Poor all of you! Hang in there and call the reinforcements again if you need them!! I'm sure they'll be there quickly. They told me so themselves!!! I love the pics...what treasures!! The bedtime stories is my fav! Kleenex anyone? kwgma