Sunday, 2 May 2010

I'm almost done.

I'm in a weird, weird place right now.
In the last week or so, for various reasons, I've really been pushing to finish up all my knitting projects.

Yesterday, I completed (Bad-Ass) Betty.

Another sock monster, this one is a store sample for Shall We Knit? To make her one of the girls, I gave her a string of pearls, and a polka dot apron of her own - just like they wear to all their events.

She is my favourite sock monster to date. Love her!
She was a rush job because Karen of SWK hinted that Betty might be going to the Knitter's Frolic with the store display. Since the pattern is a blast, and the finished product is adorable, I really wanted to have her ready to go. Sadly, the last week or so I've been feeling a mite under the weather - totally screws with the knitting. I really had to buckle down to get her done. But I finish her I did! I delivered her to the store yesterday.

There was much squeeing. Made the nauseated knitting worth it. (Thanks Etcgirl!)

The other project on the go was my Summer Fun Tee. I wanted to get it done, so that I could wear it. Just this morning, I put the final trim on around the neck. Now I have to weave in ends, and sew 2 tiny seams, and it's ready for wearing!

So why does this put me in a weird place? Because now I have nothing on the needles. No works in progress. There are things I'd like to cast on . . . but given the state of my health right now, I'm not motivated to actually start anything. I promised a friend of mine some small items as donations for her local hospital, but that's going to take a while - I need to be in the right head space to make preemie burial items, and I'm definitely not there right now. I have a pair of baby mittens that I had set aside a long time ago, after I misplaced one . . . they only need a thumb, but it's May and not the right time of year for making mittens.
But . . . what do I do at work if I'm not knitting between calls?


Bezzie said...

HOly cow, I love that tee!! I'm thinking of casting on something summery for ME soon!

etcgirl said...

Squeeing was totally provoked by Ms. Betty, your fabulosity in outfitting her, and is available to you most any time. Like now, for instance, at that lovely top. Going to look perfect on you.

Hope your mojo comes back soon, bella. XX's.