Thursday, 13 August 2009


I know, gross.


jennyp said...

Oh, honey.

(Does this mean you don't get to go to work tomorrow?)

Stickyfingers said...

Nope. Her daycare will take her. In fact, her daycare informed Mr. Wonderful today when he picked Sweet Pea up that ALL the kids had pink eye last week, and her case is like a walk in the park comparatively. Apparently some of them even had GREEN puss oozing out of their eyes. Lovely. Glad I was informed so I could protect my daughter. Sigh.

Bezzie said...

Even if they had told you, what could you have done? Had her show up the next day in swim goggles? Pink eye is everywhere. Chunky was a pro pink eyer when he was little too. My favorite was when we took him to the dr. for his whatever month check up and then had to take him back 2 days later b/c he picked up pink eye in the waiting room. He was always getting it so often that I wouldn't throw away the drops after we were done with the course--I'd just save them for the next bout! Hang in there!

Stickyfingers said...

I would have started treating her right away. We do the breast milk in the eye thing - it forms a protective barrier on the eye that the bacteria can't stick to. Would have been nice to avoid the whole mess.
Now I think she (and the other kids) will have perpetual pink eye, since they all nap in the same crib, on the same sheets.