Saturday, 6 October 2007


Did I seriously drop off the face of the earth for like . . . almost a month? Cripes, that's significant!

Here I am, tooling around the internet and I think to myself "hey, what's my blog url again?" . . . Good thing too, otherwise, I might never have remembered that I forgot!

Catch up?
I have a new shift at work, which has messed about with my/our routine. I have to get used to being at work in the morning, and Mr. Wonderful has to get used to me not being at work in the evening. It's been a little awkward, because we're both total creatures of habit. That, and I likes me a good sleep in. Now I can't sleep past 8. Dammit.
I also won a prize at work - a shiny new cell phone. I was so excited! I worked my tail off for that prize! And then I opened the box, and my heart sank a little. It had been opened and tried out previous to me. I cried a little in my heart. Then I found out the phone didn't work. It's now been 2 weeks since I was awarded my 'prize' and I'm still waiting for the replacement. It shouldn't be so difficult! Gimme my phone!!
That, and my 7% raise is now 4 pays (8 weeks) past due. They owe me! I want it!
That sums up work.

Mr. Wonderful and I will be celebrating our vacation and 2ND anniversary in just one short week. Wow, I can't believe it's only been 2 years. The wedding is such a distant memory. It was so beautiful.

I've been knitting my hands off. I cast on for the Tangled Yoke Cardi exactly one week ago. I will show you my progress thus far:This is the body, up to the armpits, and one sleeve. Not bad for one week, eh? I'm hoping to have it finished for Rhinebeck.

Yes, you heard me right, Rhinebeck. I'm going! And I'm going with 2 of the funnest people I know! You know how there are some people you just don't click with? I mean, they're alright, but you wouldn't go out of your way to grab coffee with them? Well, these 2 ladies are not in that column at all. They are awesome!
Etcgirl has the most amazing life experiences under her belt. She's a talented artist, great story-teller, and all around inspiring woman.
JennP gets me. She's a great listener, great enabler, great friend, and I find her . . . well, intoxicating, I guess. I always want to spend more time in her presence. In fact, Mr. Wonderful and I are hoping to have her and her man over for dinner next week. Now, that almost never happens.

And I got my Ravelry invite today, which is exciting! Now I can share this with the world:

I just got it yesterday, and wow does it ever make my mouth water. It's the embodiment of autumn to me. Look at those colours. I'm going to make the Column of leaves scarf with it.
Actually, I stumbled across it whilst looking for an alternate for the Knitty board's not so secret scarf swap. I have some Lamb's Pride, but I was thinking I could send something more interesting, you know? Well, I saw this, and it really grabbed my ass . . . but I can't send it away. I want it to be that scarf - not just any scarf, or some scarf, but that specific scarf. And it's against the rules to demand a specific pattern. So I'll send the Lamb's Pride and hope it doesn't make my not so secret pal sad inside.


Lisa said...

So you found new yarn for the Tangled Yoke, or does the blue just look grey?

Stickyfingers said...

It's actually a really yummy brown silky wool. I'll show you on Tuesday!

Batty said...

I also dropped off the face of the planet for about a month, so you're not alone! Welcome back!