Sunday, 9 September 2007

Sweet Jesus, I think I need a cigarette

And I don't even smoke!

After the orgasmic goodness of the Knitter's Fair yesterday, though . . . whew!

Never have I seen so much yarn in one room before. It was amazing, and it will definitely be a yearly thing for me. No matter what. No Matter What!

Jen and I met at the doors at nine-ish. We were both Knitter's Fair virgins, so completely unaware of what lay on the other side of those doors . . .
Man alive, when they opened those doors, it was a veritable flood of humanity, pouring in, paying admission, and squeeing away through the building.

I intended to take pictures, but the camera, sadly, is MIA. I suspect Mr. Wonderful took it with him for his weekend with the lads.
Let me describe -- there were rows of vendors, tables piled high with the finest luxury yarns, bins overflowing with fiber . . . it was amazing.
There were spinners and dyers. There were designers. There were kits, and books, and just about everything. It was incredible.

I, of course, spent far too much. I bought a lovely hand-dyed blend for my own Clappy. It's the most amazing colours -- it grades through deep teal to yellow, and hits mint and aqua . . . it will be gorgeous with my black coat this winter. I bought Zephyr for my Secret of the Stole, in a lovely teal, and a sweater's worth of Silky Tweed . . pricey, but I have found pricey sweaters to be ever so worth it. I'll make the tangled yoke cardi with that. Yum! It's the colour of denim, with some tweedy flecks of brown and white thrown in for good measure. I'm not 100% on the colour at this time, but I got it from my LYS's booth, so I should be able to exchange it if I change my mind.
But my favourite purchase of yesterday was a swift and winder combo. I spent last evening winding stuff. I now have more wound yarn than I can possibly work up in a reasonable amount of time. Dreamy . . . I'm in love.

My mother opted to put in an appearance, as well. She bought herself 3 different skeins . . . OF 100% NATURAL FIBRES! Shock part 2: Laceweight natural fibres! I was completely astounded. Then she called me in the evening to say how wonderful alpaca is. I think the pod people have taken my mother. I was so surprised, I drove all the way back into KW to wind her yarn (okay, that was a little self-serving . . . it's still new and fun), and loan her my addi lace needles, and some Brittany wooden needles. Of course, by the time I left her house, she was talking my ear off about her quilting and needlepoint and what she's going to sell at her next craft show.
So, while there was a glimmer of hope for a moment there, it was quashed. Fast.

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